Spiral of Orbs:

Spiral of Orbs

10 Stages of Increasing Soul Consciousness

The content of the orbs has been drawn from the experience of group members over the course of several years.  By assimilating regular guidance from our spiritual Elders, and applying this guidance in our group work, we have become aware of the potential of awakening humanity to create a new world. 

The writings of group members on these topics were organized into ten categories, represented as golden orbs in an upward spiral.  Beginning with Awakening at the center of the spiral, each successive orb reveals more of the new possibilities that arise as soul awareness grows.  The quotes related to each orb are taken from these writings.

1. AWAKENING – Awakening to a Greater Reality – Spiritual awakening is key to the divine plan at this moment in human and planetary evolution.

2. PURIFICATION  Purifying the Lower Self to Reveal the Soul – This is the work of self-purification for all who tread the path of ascent.

3. SOUL IDENTITY  Recognizing the True Self – The love, joy, and sense of purpose that belong to the true Self change the experience of daily living.

4. SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE  The Impact of Higher Guidance – Such guidance fosters cooperation between the spiritual realm and groups of human beings, enabling these groups to play a creative part in the evolutionary Plan.

5. TRANSFORMATION  Transforming the Personality in the Light of the Soul – This change comes about through a rise in vibrational frequencies that allows the love and wisdom of the Soul to infuse and transform its persona.

6. SOUL LIVING  Living in Soul Consciousness – By embodying the soul’s intrinsic qualities—love, truth, beauty, and goodness—we contribute to the birth of a new world.

7. SOUL COMMUNITY  The Empowering Love of a Group Soul – With the steady nourishment of soul qualities, a loving environment is created that empowers the group to achieve its higher purpose.

8. COOPERATING WITH HIGHER REALMS  Serving the Divine Plan – By accomplishing given tasks that serve the divine plan, spiritual groups develop the capacity to vitalize the chain of consciousness that propels the planet’s evolution.

9. LIGHTED BRIDGE  Creating a Living Bridge between Human and Spiritual Realms – This bridge makes it possible for divine guidance to flow into human awareness, enabling us to cooperate with the Plan.

10. A NEW WORLD  Our Future in the New Era – As the soul of humanity finds expression in many such groups around the globe, the rebirth of our world in the new era is inevitable.