1.  Awakening: Awakening to a Greater Reality

The human soul comes alive when the heart begins to open.  As the light of the soul enters awareness, we sense our connectedness with other souls, other kingdoms in nature, and other dimensions of life.   Spiritual awakening is key to the divine plan at this moment in human and planetary evolution.


Awakening is the first of ten phases in our journey. 
The quotes below reflect our experiences.

“Awakening to the existence of the Soul makes us aware that two distinct dimensions of consciousness live within us:  a soul and a personality—a greater self and a lesser self.  When this recognition first dawns we stumble through life in a state of duality, trying to understand and define who we really are.  Then we begin to question our motives:  Who am I serving, my own personal interests or a greater good?  The questioning is challenging but if we are honest, it brings positive results.”

“As the higher self enters our awareness, we gain the ability to discriminate between the urges of the personality and the more refined impulses and sensitivities of the soul.  The two belong to very different worlds.  We have to consciously choose every day to live under the direction of the soul.”

“In retrospect, I can see that there were intermittent points of awakening that helped transform my perception of life and living in this world.  The early awakenings came through emotional challenges that forced me to put the needs of others before my own.  In young adulthood, there were intellectual expansions as I explored various teachings and life possibilities.  But the true awakening came when the wisdom teachings about the soul became a reality in my daily life. This group experience has brought the undeniable reality of the existence of the spiritual realm and awakened me more fully to the true purpose of life.”

“Working with a loving group in cooperation with higher Beings is a different kind of awakening.  A growing awareness of the presence of Those who live in higher realms has opened the doors to the creative powers of my soul.  Inspiration has blossomed, making me realize that change is possible when we get in touch with the love and joy of our true selves.”  

“Once I acknowledged the reality of the Soul, the next great awakening for me was the confirmation of the existence of the Kingdom of Souls, which came through inner experience.  To know, without a doubt, that there are Beings in higher realms who can contact us, if we are open and receptive, and help us as we make our way through life, may be the greatest realization for all who now inhabit the earth.”

“As a child, I had many questions that the Church could not answer.  For me, the pieces of the puzzle came together when I discovered the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.  The concept of spiritual evolution helped me to see the bigger picture and I began to realize what is unfolding in our world.  I’ve come to know there is a divine Plan and to discover my purpose within it.  This has brought me immense joy, satisfaction, and peace, as well as the recognition of greater responsibility towards the Plan.”

“I vividly remember reading a page from a book by a Master of Wisdom. All my life I’ve been an avid reader, but this was something very different.  It was a moment of awakening.  I felt a transmission of energy as if from a higher source entering my inner being and enveloping me completely.  Instantly I knew that it was real and true.  It has had a powerful and lasting effect on my life.” 

“Through our group experience of the heart opening, we know the human soul is able to respond to divine love.  This means that humans are destined to become architects of a new world.” 

“Everything changed when I awakened to the higher dimension of myself and to a greater reality.  Earlier in life I was absorbed in trying to change the world, but the world wasn’t changing...  When I discovered the Ageless Wisdom, I understood that world change has to begin from within—through self-transformation, one soul at a time.  But as soon as we commit ourselves to the path of Spirit, we realize that help is available from subtle realms in myriad ways—through everything from stunning synchronicities to intuitive flashes that guide us on the Path.  The great hope of our time is that many souls are awakening, and collective evolution is accelerating.”

“I realized that living on the outside of social groups was not about the loneliness I felt from being socially isolated.  It was about my soul calling me to awaken to the inner life.” 

“Humanity is being confronted by its collective shadow, as the growing light of the soul exposes all the atrocities we’ve been inflicting on each other for millennia.  These times are revealing our collective ignorance of Truth and our lack of spiritual connection.  The guidance received by the group has helped us to see these events as catalysts for the great awakening that is part of the Plan of spiritual evolution.”


“There is a growing awakening to the realities that will underlie the coming era:

♦      Soul consciousness endures through lifetimes.

♦      Soul contact changes one’s life.

♦      Matter is an illusion; all is energy.

♦      As souls, spiritual beings, we are inherently One.

♦      The Hierarchy of Light is real.

♦      Living consciously as souls, we can do great things together.”

Awakening to the Inner Divinity:
An Essay


This time has been called the ‘Great Awakening’ by mystics and poets, scientists and philosophers.  Contemporary thinkers recognized decades ago that the human species has a higher dimension of consciousness, which has been increasingly emerging.  As this new awareness expands and spreads across the globe, it is giving rise to a sense of human unity that is turning the tide of our evolution.

The world we live in has been shaped over vast eons by a sense of separation that began with the perception of ourselves as separate physical forms.  When the soul awakens to the life within the form—the spirit that is life itself—the illusion of separation gives way to the realization of our essential unity.  Current global crises have accelerated our awareness of the inseparability of human lives, exposing the urgency of human need and arousing the Soul’s response to need.

This awakening was long foreseen by Those who dwell in the realm of Souls and seek to guide humanity through the transition to a new era that will be shaped by the soul’s awareness.  For seekers who may wonder what we are awakening to, in the larger scheme, the following is a response from the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, whose works exposed the vast evolutionary shift that is now underway.   

“All that IS is ever present.  What we are concerned with is the constant awakening of humanity to that which eternally IS . . . but of which the subject is unaware . . .  the Kingdom of God is present on earth today.” 1

Only the soul, the inner divinity, has the power to perceive this truth.  As we awaken collectively, the realization is dawning that the world we long for—a world imbued with love, light, and purpose—is being born in the consciousness of the higher self.  By transcending the limits of mind divorced from the soul, that which has always existed but remained invisible comes into view.  And we are learning the requirements to make it visible. 

Awakening to new life might be likened to what we experience in the early morning hours, when our freshly opened eyes perceive a subtler quality of light that is not visible amid the stresses of daily living.  The current planetary crises are causing us to see life in a subtler light.  When life crises interrupt our habitual patterns of thinking and feeling, they often trigger a search for the deeper meaning of our own lives, and of human existence in general.

Those who genuinely seek higher understanding will always find their way to spiritual teachings that illumine the mind.  Fresh insight into the challenges of life comes through reflection on truths from the wisdom teachings, which have stood the test of time, and through meditation that opens a pathway to the light of the soul.  When the heart opens as well, one has access to the inner knowing of the soul with its capacity for self-observation and discernment of truth.

Great insight is contained in these words from Carl Jung:

“Your vision becomes clear when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.” 

The light of the soul light, when directed inward, exposes the ‘shadow side’ of the personality. Those who are committed to spiritual growth will recognize the need for self-purification.  By eliminating the dross of the persona, it becomes possible to align the lower self with the soul, the true Self, allowing consciousness to expand.  Steadily, as we awaken to the love of the soul—and to the presence of Those greater and wiser souls who subtly radiate their light and love—the path unfolds. 

Albert Einstein, the illumined soul who gave us the formula for the synthesis of energy/spirit and matter through light, said this about the need for expanding consciousness: 

“A human being experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated . . . a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

The Soul has the power to free the personality from its imprisoning self-consciousness.  In the state of soul awareness, we recognize the indivisible web of life in which we exist and are called to serve its well-being.  In this time of planetary crises, we can sense the forces of light pouring in and arousing the higher Self of humanity—the Christ consciousness, the Buddha nature.  It is the awakened inner divinity that will transform our suffering world into a realm permeated by peace, love, and truth. 

Awakening leads in time to the journey of transformation.  As the path unfolds and identity shifts from persona to soul, there is a growing sense of responsibility for co-creating a new reality.  In the case of this experiment, the soul’s urge to serve led us to a loving group of souls working in cooperation with an inner ashram of Masters and Teachers.  In the aura of Their wisdom and love, a bridge of communication between the two realms was formed, allowing their energies to enter our world.  This is the potential awaiting to unfold as the soul of humanity awakens.

1 Bailey, Alice A., Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle

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