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To live as a soul is to live in the recognition that all souls and all lives are inseparable. This knowledge instills a deep sense of responsibility for the greater planetary life in which we exist.  By embodying the soul’s intrinsic qualities—love, truth, beauty and goodness—we contribute to the birth of a new world. 


Soul Living is the sixth of ten phases in our journey. 
The quotes below reflect our experiences.

“Knowledge about the divine plan of evolution brings a great sense of peace but also responsibility.  To change the world, awareness of spiritual realities has to be born in the collective consciousness and the responsibility falls on me, on us, to radiate soul consciousness.  This means thinking and acting from the soul, and recognizing the unity between my soul and all others.  It’s about realizing that soul consciousness is Christ consciousness, and Buddha nature, and Ātmā, and all representations of Self.”

“It’s in everyday life that we’re called to live the essence of soul awareness.  That’s where we can embody the oneness of all things in simple ways—being kind, listening to others, creating a sense of community—ways that will help shape the new humanity and create a new world.  This is already happening and has been gaining momentum in the last few years.  Peace comes when humans realize that there is no ‘other.’  We are not separate.  That’s the basis of the new humanity.”

“Through the letters from our spiritual Elders, our group gatherings and daily meditations, waves of spiritual energy are released that make us more aware of our oneness and our shared responsibility to live as souls in all spheres of our lives.”

“By connecting to our group soul, I ‘ve been able to draw on a deep well of spiritual love.  This love has had the effect of raising my vibrational frequency and has given me the ability to stay out of fear, despite dire circumstances.”

“Living in soul consciousness much of the time, when the lower energy of the personality shows up it is easier to release it and return to the beauty, love and wholeness of the vibration of the soul.” 

“The books written by Blavatsky, Bailey, Roerich, and others have given us the esoteric foundations for creating a new world.  They prepared us for this moment—to ‘come out of the books’ and live as disciples, as was always intended.  Spiritual work is essentially about selfless service to the divine Plan.” 

“Our experience has thinned the veil between the human and spiritual realms, helping me to live more as a soul than a personality.  I’ve also gained a planetary consciousness—one family, one humanity, one breath, one Life.”

“I have come to realize myself as a soul in physical form and this is heightened by absorption into the group soul.  I am experiencing daily life through an expanded awareness of the light and love flowing from higher beings.  The radiant heart of the Christ is growing in my awareness and guiding my life.”

“When the love of the soul takes hold, we realize that criticism harms the one giving it as well as the one receiving it, since we’re aware that we are not separate.  There are no longer ‘others’.”

“A Presence now resides in my field of awareness.  It is a reference point that waxes and wanes throughout the day, but always returns.  This Presence has grown in me through the letters from our Elders, daily meditations, and community gatherings.”  

“I know that I am an eternal soul experiencing life on earth through this vehicle called a body.  I know that I create my own life experiences by the way I direct my thoughts, emotions and actions.  I know that I am one with every other being in every kingdom of life on earth and in the Universe, and as such, anything I do affects not only me, but the one Life.  By the same token, since I am part of the one Life, everything that happens affects me.”

“What we know from experience is more reliable than what we know intellectually.  I can only transmit to others what is already alive in me—what lives in my consciousness.  What I know about the new world is that it is about expressing and transmitting the light of the soul to one another, walking among people and perceiving what unites us, and realizing that the soul is our most precious possession.  It is who we are.”

“We know that the Universe seeks to maintain homeostasis and that the Law of Karma or Cause and Effect provides constant feedback.  This expands our awareness of the power to create—for good or for ill.  From experience, I now know that the world will evolve through cooperation, not competition.  I realize that I have to take ownership of the state of my life, the life of Earth, and the affairs of our world, and be willing to take responsibility for the creation of a new Earth.”

“There is a love that lies beyond any seeking of reward for the little self.  This love is a natural outpouring of the soul.  It endows the human being with the capacity to express goodness—a characteristic of the soul.  This is how we will create a new world.”

“I am more detached from the endless flux of my emotional self, more aware when I’m off-base.  There is greater consciousness of subtle realities and gratitude for the love that exists in every moment.”

“I’ve known that Love is a force that one can choose to wield or not.  But working under the guidance of the Ashram, love has become more spontaneous and expansive than before.  Where there was criticism, there is now compassion.  Where there was absence of care, there is now loving concern.  The love that has grown within our group is tangible proof of our soul connectedness.”

“We have to learn to listen through the heart and follow the whispers of the soul in daily life, until the whispers become a clear and constant voice revealing the path to ‘life more abundant’.  To pay attention to the soul, we have to strengthen the ‘muscle’ needed to shift one’s consciousness every day.  This practice leads to reverence for the soul in all life and the realization that as souls, we are one.”

“I have grown in many ways since becoming part of this group.  Through our daily meditation practice, I’ve managed to feel at peace in the eye of the swirling storms of life.  No matter how dire world leadership has appeared or how desperate our dying planet, I’ve been able to remain peacefully detached from the unfolding drama, knowing that the growing wave of awakening souls on our planet will not only survive, but will thrive in the subtler reality of the new era.”

The Beauty of Living as a Soul:
An Essay


There is an old saying: “There are two kinds of people in the world, those who give and those who take.”  These words mirror a basic truth in the Ageless Wisdom teachings regarding the dual nature of human life on Earth.  We can embody ‘the better angels of our nature’ by living as souls, or we can live according to the whims, desires, and appetites of our material selves.

Human beings have the potential to live in ‘two different worlds’—the world of spirit or the world of matter.  When we live as a soul, our primary motive will be to serve the Greater Good.  Living as an ordinary human being, unaware of the higher self, the motive will be to serve oneself.   We can choose to follow the path to higher consciousness, or we can continue living on the plane of the lower self—immersed in patterns that bring little joy or ultimate satisfaction.  

The perils of living for the lower self, caught up in the lures of the plane of matter, have been described by knowers and seers through the ages.  Living by selfish motives in a world of glamours and illusions leads inevitably to committing acts that have karmic consequences.  The great Bard, William Shakespeare, alludes to the troubles caused by the bewitching powers of matter in “The Song of the Witches” in Macbeth.  They stir ‘the pot of trouble’ that awaits those caught in the spell:

“Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon's blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.”

Those who succumb to the lures of the lower self inescapably face ‘double, double toil and trouble.’  And yet, self-centered living is a natural stage in the process of creating an integrated personality, which the soul will utilize when it awakens and pursues its higher purpose.

A Grand Design is presently being wrought out for the purpose of planetary evolution, through the interplay of spirit and matter, soul and personality.   The integrated personality of humanity is represented by the astrological sign of Leo, which finds completion in the opposite sign of Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, where the soul of humanity is destined to realize its potential to pour forth ‘waters of life more abundant’ in the creation of a new world.

It is said that in the new era, the self-seeking persona is destined to be transformed into the Soul, the selfless server.  As the path of ascent unfolds, we ‘realise . . . that which we have discovered ourselves to be in Leo finds its crown in this dawning age of Aquarius.  The separative individual consciousness now becomes the group consciousness soul in Aquarius’.1  As the persona’s desire to be the ruler of others fades away, the soul learns to be at-one with other souls and work toward creating ‘life more abundant’ for all.

Living as a soul means treating one another as souls in every aspect of our lives.  Plato referred to the soul as ‘a Divinity.’  By realizing our common origin as ‘sparks of divinity,’ we learn to respect the divine self in those with whom we interact in the world.   Becoming anchored in soul awareness, we also become sensitive to Beings of Light dwelling in the realm of the Soul behind the veil of matter, from whom wisdom flows into the receptive minds of seekers.

The aim of treading the path of ascent is to bring the wisdom of the soul into the awareness of the persona.  We grow under the soul’s guidance and learn to think things through in its light when faced with challenges.  The more we become identified with our true self, the more it influences the way we live and the more we live under its authority.  Decisions and directions in life become less influenced by those seen as authority figures and more influenced by the wisdom of the soul.

Over time, as we become rooted in a steady-state of soul awareness, we increasingly embody the qualities of the soul – the love, the light, the joy, and the power – and we see life through a new lens.

“For I dipped into the future,
far as human eye could see,
Saw the vision of the world,
and all the wonder that would be.”

                       - Alfred Lord Tennyson.

 1 Bailey, Alice A., Esoteric Astrology

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