10.  A New World: Creating a Living Bridge between Human and Spiritual Realms

The pathway to a world dedicated to the common good is illumined when spiritual groups are unified around a purpose that serves the divine Plan.  As the soul of humanity finds expression in many such groups around the globe—the rebirth of our world in the new era will become inevitable. 


A New World is the tenth of ten phases in our journey. 
The quotes below reflect our experiences.

“As a microcosm, our group experience proves that human beings thrive in an environment of love, mutual respect, and peace.  A new world is not just a utopian dream, it will become a reality when we learn to live from the higher awareness of the soul, for the benefit of all, as foreseen in the divine Plan.”

“Many people believe we are living in the ‘end times’; only a relative few know that humanity has begun to create a new world under guidance from the spiritual realm of Earth.  Very few realize that a plan of evolution is unfolding and that we can participate in the birth of the New Earth here and now.  By raising our vibrational frequency and choosing to align with wiser Beings, we can manifest a world that works for the greater good of all.  In this world, we will see beyond separation; we will recognize the soul in others, and know that we are one with God, with humanity, and with all creation.”

“Working within a conscious spiritual group brings a realistic understanding of what the world can be when we live and cooperate with each other for a greater good —without any need for personal accolades.  Our experiment in group relations proves that a new world is possible.” 

“I had a dream some nights ago in which I was in an old church, along with several disciples of different religious backgrounds but of the same spiritual resonance.  The space was filled with a mystical vibration—a sense of unity, inner beauty, warmth, and perfect serenity that does not belong to the present world.  One of the leaders asked if we would like to work on transforming the church, telepathically conveying an image of the renovated church.  It would be impossible to describe the radiance of this church in ordinary terms.  We were shown that restoring its splendor and beauty was not only a question of aesthetics but of something living, a new Energy.  I understood that this energy or Spirit is what will create a new world.”

“Consciously or unconsciously, we long to hear truth.  One truth is that we do not have souls, we are souls, and when this is understood our world will change.  We will recognize the light in others and help them acknowledge it in themselves.”

“A fundamental purpose of this group is to convey the vision of a new world guided by higher beings in collaboration with the soul of humanity.  We’ve experienced what it can be and want to bring hope to others in this moment of planetary upheaval and immense human need.” 

“The new world will be governed by the spirit of Love that unites and sustains us all, and by the wisdom that nurtures the flowering of the Soul.  In place of the dominance of those who oppress and rule for selfish gain, new leaders will serve the highest good of all in the recognition that all are inseparably part of one Life.  We will have access to the Light that contains solutions to all things, that sparks creativity, and inspires the freedom of expression that enhances the whole.”

“Beings dwelling in subtler realms of Earth have given us a vision of the new world that will arise from the evolution of human consciousness.  This vision is still taking form, but we know this world will be one of Light.  We know it will function according to spiritual principles known as Laws of the Soul.  It will exist in a realm of Earth less dense than the material plane, and will be filled with beauty, love, intelligence, harmony, peace and other characteristics of the Soul.”

“In this chaotic transition between the old age and the new, we are becoming aware of what lies within us—the strength that flows from many hearts and minds drawn toward a higher purpose—and aware of the human potential to create a future radically different from the past.”  

“Our experience has given me confidence that a new world is possible.  There is growing trust in the inner light of divinity, in our individual and group experience, and in the evolutionary purpose and processes of the Universe.”  

“The heart plays an essential part in creating synthesis.  When the mind listens to the heart, we create the world ‘as above, so below.’  We will be challenged for a long time to reach this goal, but evolution is pulling us towards a greater future.”

“The birth of a new humanity requires the opening of the heart and living in alignment with the purpose of the Source of all Life.  It means that each is responsible for preparing the ground of a new earth by whittling down the dross of the personality and letting go old ways of living.  In place of a life based on fear, we have to learn to live as the true Self—in the purity and beauty of divine love.  We have to walk the path from fear to love, from illusion to truth, from doubt to trust in the Plan.  This means making new choices, moment to moment, and being centered in the love of the soul.”

“During these past years, humanity has been engaged in a struggle between light and darkness.  After years of living in the shadows, we are beginning to emerge from the false cult of the individual—moving beyond an old understanding of what it is to be human and awakening to the reality of our essential unity.  Looking at the tragic conditions of our planet, we can’t deny that we’re in the final stages of an outgrown way of being.  Change on any scale is painful but we are evolving into something new and beginning to flower in a way that will create a new reality.”

“Here are some truths that will create a new human reality:  God is the name of an irresistible force called Love.  Love is the lifeblood of evolution.  All good resides in Love, Light and Truth.  Embracing the truth of reincarnation, that the soul evolves over lifetimes, will end the chaos for humanity.  We have to adopt the long view.”  

“The new world will reflect the greatness of the human soul.  Whenever we yearn to live in a world of harmony, beauty, joy, and unconditional love, we are expressing the urge of the soul.  Whenever we turn our personality toward the common good, we help guarantee that a new world will come to be.  Whenever we recognize the good in our fellow human beings more than their failings, we become living seeds of the new humanity that will produce a lush garden nurtured by the great Beings who are working to realize the Divine Plan.”

“The consciousness of the new world is about being in 'right-relationship' with all forms and expressions of life.  Our souls, as fractals of the One Life, are reflections of this Life.  As souls in the new world, to be in right-relationship is to be in harmonic resonance with the One Life, which means to embody the very essence of divine love.” 

“My impression is that our planetary Life is organizing itself to express its divine purpose by drawing various aspects of its nature—on different dimensions—into a state of synthesis to manifest the divine Plan.  Our group experience virtually guarantees the inevitability of a new world.  Nothing can arrest the ‘Forces of Good’ from creating the sacred planet that we are told has always existed in the heart and mind of the Creator as a glorious promise and potential.”

Approaching the New World:
An Essay


“I affirm the Light of the future, which through various voices will ignite the entire world.  I affirm the hour of difficulties as a trumpet call.  I affirm the reunion of many divided members.  I affirm the date of happiness which destines salvation for the world.” 1 

The New World is so close that we can begin to sense its emergence.  Preparations ongoing for millennia have recently been accelerated by cosmic forces that are driving planetary change.  The result is chaos and unrest around the globe, but also a growing readiness for the shift in consciousness that will propel us from the old world to the new.

The falling apart of a reality that had seemed permanent and unchanging has plunged humanity into an unfamiliar crisis:  We have a growing need to find stability, while passing from the known into the unknown in a sea of turbulence.  Feeling our way through this planetary transition, when outer sources of information are less than reliable, it is increasingly natural for the seeker to turn within to the light of the soul.  The more we rely on this inner light, and the more we learn to trust the higher intuition, the greater the perception of how we can serve in this time.   

Turning to the wisdom of the soul, we can recognize objectively what is occurring in our world and discern what is needed from us collectively to help usher in the New World. 

“One must wisely understand the final clash of the two worlds—the one that departs and the one that is born.  Signs of madness can be seen in the first and of daring in the second.  It must be understood how near the decisive time has come and how unitedly it should be met.” 2

When consciousness ascends to the plane of the soul, we enter a world that exists at a higher frequency, where all of life is united through the medium of light.  The separative appearance of physical matter that has shaped our separative thinking through the ages is no longer an obstacle to perceiving the greater reality.  The eye of the soul observes the wholeness and oneness that will underlie the birth of a new world civilization.

We, the human race as a whole, are facing an unprecedented challenge that must be met if we want to manifest a different reality.  Creating a new world requires new ways of perceiving and thinking that lead to new ways of acting and being.  To flow with the forces of evolution, humanity has to lift itself out of the quagmire of separatism and realize our inherent unity.

“. . . Every mean and selfish action sends us backwards and not forward, while every noble thought and every unselfish deed are stepping-stones to the higher and more glorious planes of being.”  

When we live from the greater awareness of the soul, perception expands beyond the concrete visible world into the realm of light—the subtle realm permeated by the light of Spirit.  On the material plane, the concrete mind is limited in awareness, as it recognizes only the outer form of things.  In the consciousness of the soul, veils separating the realms of matter and spirit are removed and the light of a new world is revealed.   

“Before our eyes, the world divides itself.  The new consciousness grows,
unskilled, but full of daring. There is no power that could hold back the tide
of the New World.”

Evolution moves through time not only in cycles but also in spirals.  With the spiritual awakening occurring on our planet, we are entering a higher turn of the spiral of evolution and a subtler dimension of Earth.  The shift begins in the mind that becomes illumined by the light of the soul and this is now occurring across the globe.  In the wisdom teachings, the birth of a new world—in the coming Age of the Soul—is part of a divine plan for Earth overseen by Great Beings who dwell within spiritual realms. 

Thought currents steadily flowing from these higher realms are releasing new streams of insight and inspiration, generating the consciousness that will in time produce a new civilization.  These higher influences are lifting us into a growing awareness of the Lord of the World—in whose folds we live, move and have our being—the Creative Force behind the birth of the new humanity.  The inflow of Aquarian energies is releasing the limited, crystallising mind-set of the old world and steadily revealing the new.  Our collective task is to anchor the light of the soul in the soil of the New Earth.

“For mind is like a mirror; it gathers dust while it reflects.  It needs the gentle breezes of Soul-wisdom to brush away the dust of our illusions.  Seek, O Beginner, to blend thy Mind and Soul.” 5

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